Our Product

We are focusing our product on Data Platform Services with Regulatory Compliance Solutions as the core. Mandatory reporting by authorities like Central Bank, Monetary Authority, or Tax Department as the core process inside the Regulatory Compliance will extract many kind of data source from your system or by universal data file like CSV and excel, then mapping and formating them to create a mandatory report as obliged by authorities. We offer you our data management platform to support the accuracy and validity as a complete solutions or developed them into your business intelligence needs. Collaboration platform also included as our portfolio to support enterprise wide collaboration.

Introducing Prudentio, our Regulatory Compliance solution for multi industry with multiple regulatory in a single platform. We based our solution with basic idea to provide a flexible and reasonable solution supported by world class application and prominent services. We build our product supported by world class applications and infrastructures for regulatory compliance. Not only the core solutions we developed, we provide Data warehouse, Data mart and Business intelligence solutions to support regulatory compliance. Capturing data can be messy. That’s we offer our data governance solution to clean your data and ensure the validity of information provided. With a complete solution to offer, we are confidence in providing you a regulatory compliance solution.

Other Main Products

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