Credit Scoring & Fraud Prevention

gambar38NICE Information Service is an advanced financial service provider who oers credit reporting services by collecting and processing credit information of individuals and corporations and the best possible risk solutions. With more than 20 years of consulting experiences, NICE offers a wide range of solution products, and consulting services for financial institutions in Korea and other Asian countries. NICE is specialized in credit risk management solutions and consulting services. However, we also provide other risk solutions from our valuable partners.



NICE’s Solution Line-Up consists of modeling solution N-Builder, Strategy optimization solution N-Strategy, Monitoring solution AIMS, strategy-management solution R-CLIPS. These solutions are integrated to each other to provide a total solution on retail credit risk management.

Under the credit risk management system, the loss of fraud risk is not clearly discern and tends to be treated as a problem of credit policy or system. The loss by fraud is categorized as UL(Unexpected Loss) and can result in impaired capital over the accumulated reserve fund.